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Who We Are

Founded in 2012, the Art Deco Society of Virginia is a not-for-profit membership organization designed to preserve and promote the Commonwealth’s Art Deco history. Our aim is to raise community awareness of Virginia’s Art Deco movement as well as to preserve and celebrate the architecture, design, art, music and social lifestyle of the era.


ADSVA Board Members 2023

President/Interim Treasurer: Andy Nishida

Secretary:: Rita Shiang

Vice President: Nichol Gabor

Membership Director: Carmela Brenzie

Board Member At Large: Kelly Hancock

Board Member At Large: Christina Stewart-York 

Past Board Members

Catie Ehrler - Founding Board Member

Bradley Hubbard - Founding Board Member

Olivia Lloyd - President Emeritus, Founding Board Member

Bill Speidel - Founding Board Member

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